Frequenly Ask & Questions.

What is Zugadu?


Zugadu is a network of technology-enabled windshield glass fitment service, offering a seamless service experience at the convenience of a tap. With our highly skilled denter, manufacturer recommended procedures and the promise of genuine windshields, we are your best bet..

Why should I choose Zugadu?


Zugadu offers the best windshield glass fitment service and solutions at fair and flexible prices. You end up saving up to 40% compared to what is charged at Authorised Service Centres and Multi-brand workshops

How to book a windshield glass fitment service with Zugadu?


We have made booking a windshield glass fitment service as easy as 1-2-3. Just select you Car’s make, model and year type, select the type of car service you require, Choose your preferred time slot And Enjoy! We offer free pick-up and drop-in, so you don’t miss out the cherished moments with your loved ones.

Do I have to pay before the service?


Not at all. From the booking to delivery, our priority at Zugadu keeps You and Your windshield glass fitment Service first. We will send you the bill once your car is serviced and inspected by our professionals. We offer flexible payment options for your ease. You can still prepay if you choose to.

What we cover in glass warranty?


We cover all the effects which are issue in glass like distortion, rainbow, etc.